Ahenakew Found Guilty Of Promoting Hatred

Friday, July 08, 2005 at 16:27



A judge in Saskatoon found has former Aboriginal leader David Ahenakew guilty of willfully promoting hatred for his highly-publicized comments against Jewish people.


Ahenakew, who went on an emotional tirade at a news conference after today’s verdict, received a $1,000 fine as his sentence.


Ahenakew told reporters today that there is no justice for Aboriginal people in Canada.


He was also upset that the Governor General’s office had begun the process of stripping him of his Order of Canada before today’s verdict was announced.


He accused the Jewish community of playing a role in that decision.


Ahenakew also blasted the media for its role in his troubles.


Ahenakew told a reporter in December 2002 that Jews were a “disease” and that Hitler was justified in killing millions of them during the Second World War.


Ahenakew promises to appeal today’s decision.


(with files from The Canadian Press)