Advocate For Native Women Fears For Her Safety

Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 14:40



A Saskatoon woman who knew Daleen Bosse says she doesn’t feel safe as an Aboriginal woman.


Tori-Lynn Wanotch is a youth representative with the Native Women’s Association of Canada.


She works to help women feel safer in their communities, and to decrease the cases of violence against women.


Wanotch says she’s been hit hard by this week’s discovery of Bosse’s remains.


She notes Bosse was her age and height, and that Bosse’s father reminds her of her own.


She also says Bosse symbolizes every Aboriginal woman she knows.


Wanotch adds the murder of Bosse tells her that she needs to continue working hard educating women on how to protect themselves, and informing others on how to stop the cycle of violence.