Aboriginal Self-Government Held Back By Bias: Prof

Friday, November 07, 2008 at 13:59



Societal attitudes are standing in the way of realizing Aboriginal self-governance.


That’s according to a University of British Columbia professor who is speaking at a conference in Saskatoon about Aboriginal self-government.


Gordon Christie says people have underlying notions of superiority, which comes from colonialism and trying to assimilate and change Aboriginal people.


Christie says that attitude doesn’t allow people to see Aboriginal self-government as a valid form because they are comparing it to different forms of government, such as what Canada has at provincial and federal levels.


Christie notes there are forms of self-government now, such as co-management, but his fear is that Aboriginal self-governance will stop there.


He says the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, once it gets going again, could play a major role in changing people’s attitudes once they fully understand the history of Aboriginal people in Canada.