Aboriginal Head Start Staff Meet In Saskatoon

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 14:52



More than 100 people who want to give Aboriginal children a head start in life are in Saskatoon for the next three days.


The delegates are all members of the province’s Aboriginal Head Start programs — a country-wide initiative that helps young people lead healthy lives.


The director of the Prince Albert office, Lily Robinson, says the next three days will allow delegates to learn from each other.


Robinson says there will also be a lot of training, much of it dealing with health promotion for the children and staff.


Workshops will be held on a variety of topics — including how to help children cope with trauma or violence.


Robinson says there is some concern at the conference, because no one has heard if the program’s funding will be renewed when it expires next March.


Robinson says the program needs to keep running because it makes a difference.


She says people are hoping no news is good news, adding most are confident the funding will remain in place.