West Nile Virus Unlikely to Appear in North

Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 14:08




Northern Saskatchewan’s Medical Officer of Health says it’s unlikely but not impossible that the West Nile virus will show up in the North this summer.


Dr. James Irvine says the varieties of mosquitos that are known to carry the virus aren’t very common in the northern boreal forest.


Still, Irvine says some of these mosquito varieties have been known to venture into the North, so he can’t rule out the possibility.


Despite this reduced risk, Irvine is urging northern residents to take measures this summer to reduce exposure to mosquitos.


Irvine says 3 stationary mosquito trapping sites have been set up along the southern edge of Northern Saskatchewan, and there are also 2 mobile sites making their rounds across the North.


As well, bird surveillance in the North has been ongoing the last several weeks.