Two Injured in Northern Saskatchewan Tornado

Thursday, July 03, 2003 at 14:31




A tornado that hit an area of northern Saskatchewan yesterday injured two people and forced the evacuation of a number of tourists.


It happened shortly after 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon near Lower Fishing Lake in the Narrow Hills Provincial Park.


The storm caused some property damage in a number of resort areas in the south end of the park, and left the park with fallen trees and no power. Electricity has since been restored.


Shortly after the initial tornado passed, Saskatchewan Environment initiated an air search of the area. It was during the air search that the injured were discovered and taken to the hospital in Prince Albert. One of the injured was a truck driver whose vehicle flipped over in the storm.


Meantime, eight people were trapped on the Esker Road due to fallen trees and had to wait for Environment staff to clear the road before they could leave.


The Mounties, along with park officials and conservation officers, continued a search of the area today to make sure everyone was accounted for.