Thunderchild Protest Continues

Monday, June 23, 2003 at 12:27




Protestors continue to occupy the administration office on the Thunderchild First Nation in west central Saskatchewan.


The dispute began last week and centers around an apparent lack of communication between elected officials and band elders.


Chief and council closed the office shortly after the occupation began.


Rita Okanee-Zorthian works with the Thunderchild Elder’s Council and is one of the protestors.


She says all her group wants to see is an open line of communication kept between Chief and Council and the Elders Committee.


Okanee-Zorthian states that under the band’s election act Chief and Council must communicate with the elder’s council.


She is also upset that leadership hasn’t hosted a general band assembly since they came to power in October.


There are currently 6 people participating in the protest.