Single Moms to Get Housing Help in La Loche

Monday, September 29, 2003 at 14:26




A new housing facilty for young single mothers is set to open in La Loche.


The unit will be able to house up to 7 single mothers and their children.


The goal of the program is to teach the young women how to live independently.


Village administator Doug Gailey says the training offered will be specifically geared to each young mother participating in the program.


Gailey says the program is more of a transitional housing project with a target stay of approximately 2 years.


Gailey says it took approximately one year to secure the 1.1 million dollars in funding for the project, and another 10 months to construct the facilty.


Construction should be complete by the end of October with it’s first tenants expected to arrive some time in December.


The facility will be owned and operated by the local Community Development Corporation, which will also determine who will be eligible for the program.