Search for Missing Boat on Lac La Ronge Ends Well

Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 15:14




Two Saskatoon families who went missing in a boat on Lac La Ronge say choppy waters on the lake caused by high winds forced them to seek refuge on an island.


The 4 adults and 2 teenagers were reported missing yesterday morning after not returning from a boat trip on the lake the previous day.


A massive search involving 2 planes and several dozen boats was organized, and the six people were eventually found safe and sound on Jackson Island at around 5:30 yesterday afternoon.


RCMP spokesman Sgt. Ron Link says the missing party made the decision to stay on the island when their boat first encountered large waves on the lake.


Link says it was an easy decision to make given all the provisions the group had with them in their boat.


Sgt. Link says the search itself was also hindered by the rough water on the lake, and he thanks all the volunteers for their perseverance.