Protesters Charged in Pelican Lake Dispute

Friday, July 18, 2003 at 13:51




The band office of the Pelican Lake First Nation sits empty today.


It had been occupied with protesters for the last few weeks who were calling on the current chief and council to step down.


That changed recently when the twenty-or-so demonstrators were charged with contempt and forced to vacate the building.


The group’s leader, Jones Thomas, says they won’t give up on their call for new elections. He also points out the fight is entering a new phase as band elders were among those charged.


He vows the protest will continue, no matter what the cost.


Thomas says Chief Peter Bill and his band councillors have no business being in power because the 2001 election that brought them their status is being appealed.


He’s calling on Indian Affairs to step in and force a new election before things get any worse.