Pinehouse Limestone Project Receives Gov’t Funding

Wednesday, July 09, 2003 at 15:44




A group in the northern village of Pinehouse is getting 83-thousand dollars from the province to develop a limestone quarry.


Pinehouse Business North Development is spearheading a major limestone exploration project near Pinehouse. The group will use the financing to do additional drilling this summer. The work is needed to determine if limestone in the Pinehouse Lake deposit would be suitable for production of quicklime for northern Saskatchewan’s uranium mines.


The long-term plan could see a start up in 2 to 3 years of a facility producing up to 40-thousand tonnes of quicklime per year. Pinehouse mayor Cecile Caisse says if it goes ahead, it will likely create 20 full-time jobs and more than 20 part-time positions.


Caisse admits the potential is exciting, but says it’s still too early to get people’s hopes up.


The new financing is in addition to almost 400-thousand dollars in funding that has been secured for further exploration work, which includes participation from Cameco and Cogema.


It’s expected that data collection for the Pinehouse Limestone Project will be completed this summer, along with a pre-feasibility study.