Pilot Error Blamed for Fatal Plane Crash in North

Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 15:28




One of the owners of Transwest Air says human error was the reason for a plane crash last year in Northern Saskatchewan that killed a passenger.


The plane crashed into Engemann Lake, about 50 kilometres north of Cree Lake, on June 29th, 2002.


Jim Glass says a lapse in judgement by the pilot caused the Cessna 185 to go into a nosedive.


The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has ruled out the possibility of an engine failure causing the incident. A problem with the propeller or wind shear have also been eliminated as possible causes.


However, the board did say in a recently-released report that a lack of down time for the pilot may have been a contributing factor to the incident.


Glass says the company’s position is that the pilot was responsible, and have since let him go.


The matter is now in the hands of Transport Canada.