Physical Activity Challenge Week Winners Announced

Friday, June 06, 2003 at 16:44




The Northern Diabetes Prevention Coalition has announced the winning communities in the recent Northern Physical Activity Week Challenge.


Northern residents earned points for their communities from April 28th to May 4th by taking part in a variety of physical activities, with the hope that several northerners would use the week to jumpstart a more healthy lifestyle.


La Ronge beat out Pelican Narrows and La Loche in the category for communities with over 19-hundred residents. Winners in categories for communities with smaller population bases include Creighton, Deschambault Lake, Beauval, Sucker River, Jans Bay and Dore Lake.


Over 17-hundred northerners officially registered themselves and participated in the week-long challenge, a number organizer Sharalyn Reitlo say fell just a little short of the goal for the event. But Reitlo says the actual turnout was likely larger than the official figures, and isn’t disappointed with the level of participation.


Reitlo also says it appears northern communities want to see this event again next year.

A final decision on whether to make the Northern Physical Activity Week Challenge an annual event won’t be made until community evaluations are in later in the year.