PAGC Officials Worry About Impact of Treaty 8 Case

Saturday, June 14, 2003 at 19:23




The Prince Albert Grand Council is worried a recent decision by the Federal Court of Appeal could hit people in the communities of Black Lake and Fond du Lac in the pocketbook.


The Appeal court overturned a previous decision that said First Nations people who are covered under treaty 8 don’t have to pay tax, even if they live off-reserve.


The ruling is upsetting to many First Nations leaders, including PAGC Athabasca Vice Chief Don Deronger. He feels the ruling is unconstitutional and will cause hardship for many Native people just trying to make a living.


Deronger is also troubled that the Appeal court ruled previous oral testimony of Native elders isn’t substantial enough to be taken at face value.


The matter is likely headed to the Supreme Court of Canada.