PAGC Developing Alternative to Bill C-19

Wednesday, June 18, 2003 at 16:19




An official with the Prince Albert Grand Council is looking for ideas and input as he drafts a response to Bill C-19.


Charles Whitecap says the federal legislation is flawed and that’s why he’s drawing up a counter-proposal.


Bill C-19, the Fiscal and Statistical Management Act, would see more government institutions created to oversee First Nations spending and economic development.


Whitecap feels the federal negotiators that drew up the bill didn’t really take into account the views of First Nations people.


Whitecap talked to members of the P.A.G.C.’s Swampy Cree Sector about the bill last week, and they pledged to form a committee to help provide him with input.


Whitecap hopes to hear from all the First Nations within the tribal council before he sends his proposal off to Ottawa.


Whitecap is scheduled to speak to Sturgeon Lake First Nation officials today about Bill C-19 and the response being formulated.