PA Police Recruit First Nations Members

Monday, June 23, 2003 at 09:38




A lack of funds appears to be the main stumbling block in recruiting more First Nations people into the Prince Albert police service.


Dale McFee is the man currently in charge of the force, he says it¹s not as easy as it sounds to convince young aboriginal people the force is a future for them.


He notes many are lost at the initial exam process for police-college and some don¹t do very well at the physical exams either.


McFee explains that’s why a mentoring program was designed last fall, to help prospective members get

a leg up on the college requirements.


McFee notes the entire force would benefit from an increased first nations presence.


Mcfee is currently working with the Prince Albert Grand Council’s Justice Unit and some federal representatives as well, in an effort to get funding for the program.


Currently just three percent of First Nations people are on the police payroll.