Northern Trappers Hear Optimistic Forecast

Monday, September 29, 2003 at 14:33




Northern Saskatchewan trappers are hearing that there is strong demand for most fur pelts.


Northern American Fur Auctions recently held its September sale for leftover pelts from last season.


It’s reporting very good demand for pelts like otter, fisher, marten, lynx and red fox.


However, NAFA spokesman Dave Bewick says the staple of the Canadian fur trade — the beaver pelt — is not doing as well.


Bewick says the cost of dressing a beaver pelt is very expensive and that’s why many buyers have opted for the sheared mink, which is a cheaper substitute. That’s why he’s urging trappers to be patient and only turn in beaver pelts that are in prime condition.


Bewick says the demand for mink has also made muskrat pelts difficult to sell, but believes the prices for muskrat will improve this season.


Despite the hard times for beaver and muskrat pelts, Bewick assures trappers that all items will sell this season.