Northern Fishers Expect Big Things From New Plant

Saturday, June 14, 2003 at 19:05




The president of Saskatchewan Cooperative Fisheries Limited says brighter days are on the horizon for the province’s 400 commercial fishermen.


John Carriere and other organizers of a proposed fish-processing plant in Prince Albert held a progress update on Thursday.


They claim the operation will do ten million dollars in sales the first year alone, and that northern fishermen will see a bigger share of the profits.


They also informed members of the business community that financing of the four million dollar venture is nearly complete, but they still need a few more donors.


Larry Goodfellow is a business consultant for the co-op. He says major corporate dollars definitely need to be located within 45 days, but he¹s confident it will happen.


Goodfellow says 30 fishermen , along with their co-ops, have come up with nearly one million dollars in either cash or commitments.


The 16-thousand-square-foot building has been in the pre-planning stages for 7

years and is tentatively scheduled for construction this fall.