North to Benefit From New Home Model

Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 14:58




Northern residents who require better housing may soon be able to take advantage of an offer by the Agency Chiefs Tribal Council.


After four years of testing and construction, the council has begun to ship out pre-fabricated housing units specifically designed to handle the rigours of northern living.


Tribal chief Lyle Whitefish says the homes are constructed in Leoville by First Nations workers and then sent to the various communities who have ordered them.


He says the homes offer a number of advantages for families that are used to living in run-down houses and cramped living quarters.


All of the units are equipped with a special filtration system to combat mould.


They also boast thick exteriors, to keep heat in and burglars out.


In addition, Whitefish says the doors on the units are reinforced, lessening the chances of a break-in.


The pre-fabricated houses also have room to sleep over a dozen people.


The ACTC shipped a number of them to the Cumberland House First Nation last year, and several more are bound for the communities of Red Earth and Shoal Lake this year.


Whitefish says they are already backlogged with orders, but plan on shipping some of the units to more northern communities in 2004.