Liberal Leadership Run by Laliberte Still Possible

Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 13:23




Churchill River MP Rick Laliberte says he is still contemplating running for the Liberal leadership.


Laliberte first brought up the idea to run in the Liberal leadership race this past spring.


He has no illusions of beating Paul Martin or Sheila Copps, but says it would be a great way to put the national spotlight on northern and Aboriginal issues.


Laliberte says he has until September 13th to make a decision.


Laliberte would like to give his mid-Canada policy idea national exposure, but says he hasn’t made a decision one way or the other.


Anyone wishing to run in the leadership campaign must come up with a 75-thousand dollar entrance fee and a nomination form with the signatures of 300 Liberal party members.


The new Liberal leader will be chosen at a convention in November.