La Ronge Wood Residue Potential Energy Source

Thursday, October 02, 2003 at 15:26




A new project in La Ronge will look at the possibility of turning wood into power.


The two-year project at the Zelensky Brothers sawmill will demonstrate new technology that uses wood residue to generate electricity and heat.


The process sees heat and pressure applied to wood residue in a wood gasifier. This creates methane, hydrogen and carbon monoxide gas, which is then used to power two generator engines to create electricity.


Some of the gas created will also be used in the operation of the wood gasifier. The leftover ash will be disposed of in accordance with provincial and municipal requirements.


The head of the Saskatchewan Research Council, Dr. Laurier Schramm, was in La Ronge today to talk about the new technology.


Schramm says the project in La Ronge could lay the foundation for multiple conversion plants across the province.