Hundreds Flock to La Loche to See Crying Statue

Friday, September 26, 2003 at 14:00




Hundreds of people have been flocking to a home in La Loche to get a look at a small statue of the Virgin Mary that witnesses say appears to be crying.


Gerald Piche says he first noticed the phenomenon on Wednesday at his dad’s house.


Piche says the discovery was made shortly after he picked up his young son, who was playing with the statue at the time.


Piche says the tears have been off-and-on over the last 2 days and re-appeared this morning.


He also says he’s captured video footage of the crying statue on a camcorder.


He estimates 700 people have visited his father’s house since Wednesday to get a glimpse at the statue, some from communities like Dillon and Buffalo Narrows.


Some of the visitors are holding a vigil at the site, and saying prayers.