High Court to Rule Soon on Metis Hunting Rights

Tuesday, September 16, 2003 at 14:15




A major ruling on Metis hunting rights will be delivered by the Supreme Court later this week.


On Friday, the high court will rule on the high-profile Powley case concerning two Metis hunters from Ontario who were charged with unlawfully hunting moose in 1993.


It’s the first case to be heard by the Supreme Court concerning the constitutional rights of the Metis.


Metis Nation of Saskatchewan president Clem Chartier says Metis leaders feel confident the ruling will go their way, but if it doesn’t, he says it could be devastating for other Metis rights cases.


Chartier also says its hard to say what kind of impact a positive ruling could have in Saskatchewan.


The court will also rule on Manitoba’s Blais case concerning the hunting rights of Metis through the 1930 Natural Resources Transfer Agreement.


It is expected that Metis people from throughout Canada will travel to Ottawa to be present when the decisions are handed down by the court.