Fur market generally unchanged

Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 12:56




According to the latest national fur auction, the overall price for fur saw a slight increase compared to sales from earlier this year.


The Fur Auction House of Northbay, Ontario held a sale on Monday.


Noteable increases were observed in the lynx and muskrat market, while beaver, fox, fisher and otter prices dropped slightly.


Meanwhile, as a result of the SARS epidemic in China, last week’s sale held by North American Fur Auctions was staged for the first time ever in Denmark.


Dave Buwick with North American Fur Auctions feels the opportunity to move into a new market will pay off down the road.


Buwick says that while many prices fell slightly including spring trapping pelts such as beaver and muskrat, there’s still a lot of optimisn in the current market, something he feels is positive news for northern trappers.