FSIN Trying to Deal with Youth Gang “Epidemic”

Thursday, August 21, 2003 at 15:53




The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations says the problem of Aboriginal youth gangs is a province-wide problem that has reached “epidemic” levels.


The FSIN released a report on Native youth gangs this morning.


The report is based on a consultation process held in 6 Saskatchewan First Nations communities last year.


Vice Chief Lawrence Joseph says it’s not just an urban problem, but affects several First Nations reserves across the province, including ones in the North.


The FSIN says the traditional punitive approach is only encouraging gang involvement.


Joseph says that’s why the federation’s report promotes an approach based on healing and holistic health.


The report offers nine recommendations for all levels of government. It also details a 5-year strategic plan designed to assist Aboriginal youth in resisting high risk lifestyles.