Fond du Lac Hunter Cleared of Wildlife Charges

Friday, August 22, 2003 at 14:54




The Northwest Territories’ Department of Wildlife has decided to drop charges against a hunter from Northern Saskatchewan.


Harvey Laurent of Fond du Lac was accused of wildlife offences this past winter, along with about a half-dozen other northern hunters.


However, a lawyer for one of the other men charged, Peter Abrametz Sr., says he has learned that’s no longer the case.


Lawrence Adam, the man Abrametz is defending, still faces 173 charges in relation to his hunting and trapping activities during trips north of the border.


Prosecutors admit all of the alleged violations occurred within Treaty 8 boundaries, but contend Adam used big game meat as bait — which isn’t allowed within their jurisdiction.


Adam has been summoned to appear at court in Fort Smith this September. However, Abrametz believes the issue will be settled without going to trial.