Feds Fund Northern Research Project

Friday, July 18, 2003 at 13:47




Minister of Industry Allan Rock and Churchill River MP Rick Laliberte announced the University of Alberta will receive funding for a virtual research institute.


The institute will focus on community-driven research initiatives throughout an east-to-west mid-Canada corridor, an area Rock says is often overlooked.


Mid-Canada is made up of the Boreal Forest region of the country, which includes all of northern Saskatchewan.


Laliberte says this funding will help meet the challenges of Mid-Canada by identifying a balance between traditional and sustainable resource use and defining an equitable distribution of opportunity and new wealth to northerners and Mid-Canada communities.


Laliberte says he’s excited about the fact the institute will receive almost 135-thousand-dollars in funding.


Laliberte says, ultimately, this will assist northerners in realizing northern-driven opportunities by helping them address challenges and find their own solutions.