Environment Official Defends Timing of Raid

Friday, September 26, 2003 at 14:06




Saskatchewan Environment says it did not deliberately try to deceive anyone in the lead-up to yesterday’s raid on Norman Bonneau’s home.


Bonneau was forced off a section of disputed Crown land north of Green Lake that he calls home.


All structures at the site were removed, including Bonneau’s trailer.


His supporters are angry that earlier in the day, Environment official Dave Harvey told CBC that there was no rush to evict Bonneau.


Bonneau family friend Candace Paul believes the news story was used to catch Bonneau’s supporters off guard — supporters who had promised to set up a peace camp around the site if Environment officials tried anything.


But Harvey says it was CBC that called him for an update, and at the time, he hadn’t made the decision to order the eviction.


Harvey says he only ordered the raid after receiving reports that the Bonneaus were alone at their home, and says it was the best way to avoid potentially violent confrontations.