Drivers Opt Out of SGI’s Northern Exemption

Thursday, June 05, 2003 at 15:35




SGI says most of the drivers in the North that aren’t required to get the new photo drivers’ licences have ended up getting their picture taken anyway.

About 3-thousand drivers across northern Saskatchewan qualify for SGI’s remote location exemption — but over 22-hundred of them obtained the new photo ID before SGI had a chance to mail out the special exemption cards early last month.

SGI spokeswoman Bernadette McIntyre is pleased so many northerners decided to get their photo taken, but says that won’t stop SGI from continuing to offer the exemption to northern residents that don’t have easy access to an SGI office.

McIntyre encourages all drivers in the North to their photo taken for the new cards, and believes most of the holdouts eventually will get theirs taken.