Court Orders Beauval Man Off Crown Land

Friday, September 05, 2003 at 13:32




A Beauval man has been given until Monday to vacate an area of land he now calls home.


Norman Bonneau was in a Battleford court yesterday on a summons by the provincial government.


A judge agreed with the government’s view that Bonneau has been occupying Crown land illegally.


Bonneau and his wife moved a trailer to a site 42 kilometres south of Beauval on Highway 155 more than a year ago.


The judge has also granted the province an order of possession, which means the trailer and other structures on the land are now government property.


Saskatchewan Environment spokesman Dave Harvey says Bonneau’s argument that he has an Aboriginal right to live on that piece of land has no basis in law.


Harvey expects the province will remove all the buildings and structures on the land in question sometime before the end of the month.


Bonneau has not been available for comment.