Bonneau Removed From Disputed Land

Thursday, September 25, 2003 at 16:54




Norman Bonneau’s time has run out.


Saskatchewan Environment personnel, with the assistance of the RCMP, today removed his trailer and other structures on a piece of land south of Beauval that Bonneau calls his home.


They gave Bonneau and his wife some time to gather personal belongings before commencing with the removal of their trailer.


Saskatchewan Environment spokesman Dave Harvey says Bonneau was notified on Monday that this would be taking place this week, but still chose to remain on the land.


Earlier this month, a judge gave the provincial department authority to remove all buildings and permanent structures on the site.


Saskatchewan Environment says Bonneau is guilty of squatting on Crown land — Bonneau says he has the Aboriginal right to live on the land of his ancestors.


Bonneau, himself, was detained inside an RCMP vehicle while his property was being removed.


Bonneau’s daughter, Claudette Bonneau, says since her parents don’t have a phone at the site, she and other supporters only found out about today’s events after her mother was forced to hitchhike to Beauval.