Big Island Lake Hosts National Cree Gathering

Monday, July 28, 2003 at 12:51




Cree people from almost every province in Canada are at Northern Saskatchewan’s Big Island Lake Cree Nation this week to talk about Cree sovereignty.


The 8th Annual Cree Nation Gathering got underway this morning.


Former FSIN Chief Sol Sanderson says this week’s agenda includes the mapping of traditional Cree territory across Canada and the discussion of prophecies concerning the Cree Nation.


Sanderson notes that Indigenous people in Canada aren’t content to simply be identified as band members or First Nations, but also want to think in terms of the old tribal groups.


Other activities this week at the Cree gathering at Big Island Lake include the creation of a new Cree calender and a national Cree registry.


It’s estimated there are currently 300-thousand Cree people living in Canada.