Beauval area squatter remains defiant

Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at 14:32




A Beauval area man that was served an eviction notice to vacate the crown property he’s been living on, hasn’t moved.


Norman Bonneau was served the notice of eviction on Seeptember 4th after a judge convicted him of illegally occupying crown property approximately approximately 42 kilometres south of Beaval.


The judge also granted the province an order of possession, meaning all of the building that Bonneau has put on the property now belong to the government.


Family spokesperson Candace Paul says Bonneau moved his wife and family off of the property but is not planning on leaving himself and in fact intents to fight the action all the way.


Paul says they haven’t seen or heard from the RCMP or government officials yet and that if they do,Bonneau and a group of supporters that have gathered at the property have a plan in mind.


Paul says Bonneau feels he has every right to be living on the property and that his ancestors have been occupying land in the area for years.


Bonneau says he has researched the land rights of North American Aboriginal people and does not accept the legal claim to the land by the province through the 1930 Land Transfer Act.