Alliance Attacks Laliberte for Same Sex No-Show

Wednesday, September 17, 2003 at 13:41




Churchill River MP Rick Laliberte is taking some heat for not taking part in yesterday’s vote in the Commons related to same sex marriage.


The Canadian Alliance nominee for Laliberte’s riding, Jeremy Harrison, says it appears whenever a controversial issue is voted upon by MPs, Laliberte is either not present for the vote or chooses to tow the party line.


Harrison says had Laliberte voted, and if the vote had been in favour of the Canadian Alliance motion to keep the current definition of marriage in place, then the amended version of yesterday’s motion would have passed.


Laliberte says yesterday’s vote served only as a gauge of support for same sex marriage, and says he didn’t attend the vote because MPs weren’t voting on actual legislation.


However, Laliberte agrees with Harrison that residents of his riding are overwhelmingly opposed to same sex marriage.


Laliberte says whenever the real vote comes up in the Commons, he will be voting to keep the definition of marriage the way it is.