Alleged Native Beating Victim Sounds Off on Police

Friday, July 04, 2003 at 15:12




A 30-year-old band member from Mistawasis says his fight against the Prince Albert Police Service will continue until someone listens to him.


George Arthur Bird has filed a formal complaint against the detachment, saying he was roughed up by arresting officers at a house party the night of June 17th.


The Prince Albert Police Service has gone on record as saying their officers are allowed to use whatever means they believe is needed to bring a suspect under control.


However, Bird claims he wasn’t resisting arrest at all and had his head slammed into a police cruiser when he asked them to loosen his handcuffs.


Bird admits he was swearing at the officers the whole time, but feels that still doesn’t justify the treatment he received.


Special investigators from the FSIN are now looking into the allegations, along with the police service



Bird is currently serving six months of jail time in the Prince Albert Correctional Centre for a previous charge of assault.