The Mandate of MBC

Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation is an Aboriginal communications society dedicated to serving the needs of Aboriginal people throughout Northern Saskatchewan.

The Corporation was organized and structured to realize the following goals…….

  1. To provide and improve Aboriginal radio and television throughout Northern Saskatchewan.
  2. To provide Aboriginal programming which will include the spoken languages in Northern Saskatchewan Cree and Dene.
  3. To support and maintain the language, culture and lifestyles of Northern Aboriginal people through communications.
  4. To encourage the younger people to improve their language ability and practice their traditions.
  5. To inform Aboriginal people about local Indian and Metis government, local Indian & Metis issues concerning social and economic development.
  6. To provide up to date news and information about Provincial and National Indian & Metis organizations
  7. To facilitate the development of a network or community owned and operated radio and television stations in Northern Saskatchewan.

Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation (M.B.C.) is an Aboriginally owned non-profit Communications Society with offices and studios located in La Ronge, Saskatchewan. Ownership and control of the Corporation is vested in the community Communications Societies operating licensed radio and TV Stations in Northern Saskatchewan. The Corporation Bylaws provide for a Board of Directors elected to give proportional representation from all areas of the North.

  1. Major Activities :
    M.B.C. operates a radio network broadcasting 24 hours per day, 7 days/week to all communities in Northern Saskatchewan and an increasing number of communities in Southern Saskatchewan. A major component of these broadcasts is Aboriginal language programming – several hours a day in the Cree and Dene languages.
  2. Major Objectives :
    To enhance, protect and preserve Aboriginal languages through active use while at the same time allowing the Indigenous people of the North to control their own communications systems and facilitate their participation in activities and developments that are related to the North.