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Identity of newest $1.2M Smoke Signals jackpot winner to remain anonymous PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chelsea Laskowski   
Monday, 23 January 2017 17:02

Photo courtesy northernlightscasino.ca

Yet another Smoke Signals jackpot has been handed out at the Northern Lights Casino.

The Thursday win of $1.2 million marks the fifth time someone has joined the “millionaire's club” at the Prince Albert casino.

The winner is a Prince Albert woman, but beyond that her identity will remain undisclosed, said Northern Lights Casino General Manager Richard Ahenakew.

He said the decision on maintaining anonymity is made on a case-by-case basis, but this is a rare circumstance that has not happened in the past.

In all other Smoke Signals wins, there has been a news conference or photo opportunity involving the winner.

In a news release, Ahenewakew was quoted as saying “we’re very proud to have now handed over more than seven million dollars to patrons at our casino.”

Smoke Signals is a SIGA-wide progressive slot machine that starts at $1 million and maxes out at $2 million.

In total, the progressive Smoke Signals jackpot has paid out nearly $10 million, turning seven different people into millionaires.

Last Updated on Monday, 23 January 2017 17:30
Ocean Man First Nation land site of oil pipeline spill PDF Print E-mail
Written by mbcnews   
Monday, 23 January 2017 15:21

A picture of the oil spill area. Photo courtesy Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

There has been an oil pipeline spill on the Ocean Man First Nation.

It happened late Friday about 10 kilometres north of Stoughton.

The breach resulted in the release of about 200 cubic metres of crude oil in a low-lying area of agricultural land that contains a frozen slough.

The province says the spill is fully contained and the oil is not entering any creeks or streams.

Tundra Energy Marketing owns the pipeline and is leading the cleanup efforts.

The government says the actual source of the leak will not be known until the site is excavated, which is expected to take place on Wednesday.

The province also says local air quality and wildlife have not been affected, but environmental consultants are on the scene to monitor the spill's impact.

Cleanup work began Saturday and included the removal of surface oil with vacuum trucks and efforts to identify the source of the rupture. As of today, about 170 cubic metres has been recovered.

A division of the Ministry of the Economy will be investigating the cause of the spill and will be on-site overseeing cleanup efforts and pipeline repairs.

The province says Ocean Man Chief Connie BigEagle is being kept apprised of the repair and remediation activities.

Last Updated on Monday, 23 January 2017 15:47
La Loche mayor grateful for community spirit at shooting memorial events PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chelsea Laskowski   
Monday, 23 January 2017 13:06

A La Loche memorial ribbon. Photo courtesy Kevin Joseph, Facebook.

La Loche's mayor said he's left feeling "hopeful" after spending Sunday with hundreds of community members during memorial events marking the one-year anniversary of a mass shooting that rocked the northern community.

Teen brothers Dayne and Drayden Fontaine, teacher's assistant Marie Janvier and teacher Adam Wood were the four people killed in La Loche exactly a year earlier. Seven others were injured, all by the same shooter.

"It was a day of memory and so we came together as a community and it made us feel hopeful for a better tomorrow," Mayor Robert St. Pierre said in a phone interview on Monday morning.

"By being together, by working together, by leaning on each other, by communicating, by making choices as an individual, we can move forward."

The day started with a Catholic memorial mass, which was held in the gym at the Dene High School and was live-streamed online.

Bishop Murray Chatlain guided the mass, speaking in Dene and English.

"Grieving doesn't happen quick. So it's important that on the year anniversary that we remember our brothers and sister who passed away and those that were injured and all of us, all of the families, every one of us has suffered from that day," he said.

A community lunch came afterwards. As the minutes ticked down to when the shooter had opened fire in the high school a year earlier, St. Pierre and his niece, shooting victim Taylor Haineault, read a poem called "Choose Love."

"We had the mental health worker come up and identify the supports that were there in the audience right now if they needed it. It's emotional times, right, we wanted to be sure that we covered that base," St. Pierre said.

Bishop Chatlain then guided a vigil and two minutes of silence.

Afterwards, there was a pause in the events.

"Some people needed to be alone, some families needed to spend time with their own family," St. Pierre said.

People came back together around 7 p.m. for live music in the community hall. The Voices of the North group members were invited by town councillor Keith Shewchuk, and invited local talent onstage as well. This included a rendition of the song "Lean on Me," a song which went viral last year after the Voices of the North group posted a video of a jam session they did last year in support of La Loche after the shooting.

The music performances went until around 11 p.m.

"It was about songs, and just being together and just that feeling of connectedness," St. Pierre said.

The emotions were strong for musicians like Mitch Daigneault, who posted on Facebook: "We brought them music, smiles, laughter and enjoyment. We all laughed we all cried. We brought our best tools, our music. It was such an honor to be invited to share that with them."

Last Updated on Monday, 23 January 2017 13:34
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