Listeners to MBC radio hear a wide variety of
special programming throughout the year.

MBC’s Aboriginal Language Department regularly hosts an
open line call-in show on a topic of interest to
Aboriginal Saskatchewan.
Previous call-in show topics have included
the fight for compensation for Aboriginal war veterans,
the impact of the gun registry on aboriginal people
and the strategy northern communities are using to combat drug abuse.

MBC also marks special occasions like
Remembrance Day or National Aboriginal Day
with theme-related programs and interviews.

Hockey fans benefit from MBC’s special programming
through live remote broadcasts of
all the road games of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League’s
La Ronge Ice Wolves
and occasional coverage from Aboriginal senior hockey tournaments.

Aboriginal music talent searches play a big part 
of MBC’s special programming, as well.
in addition to the annual
“Voices of the North” Aboriginal talent showcase
and “Northern Spirits” show in Prince Albert,
MBC also provides live coverage of its very own talent search
held every second summer in La Ronge.

And finally, the Christmas season brings with it another example
of MBC’s special programming.
Each year, listeners throughout MBC’s radio network have a chance
to wish each other Christmas and Holiday greetings on
MBC’s Christmas Eve Special.

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Each Segment is 15 minutes long.

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