About Our Audience

MBC has the largest adult listening audience of any radio station covering Northern Saskatchewan* There are now 70 communities that listen to MBC Radio.

MBCs market/target audience is rapidly expanding* 64.83% (The largest portion) of MBCs audience is 20-54 years of age which is considered to be the prime market target for the radio advertisers group.

MBC has consistently been one of the most listened to stations in Northern Saskatchewan in the last few years* The latest survey *shows MBC has an potential daily listening audience of 47,000+ people in Prince Albert-Meadow Lake-La Ronge areas, and a known regular daily/ weekly audience 32,000+ across the rest of Northern Saskatchewan.

MBCs listening audience is dedicated* A massive 82.69% of the audience listens at least an hour every day and 44% of survey respondents listen for more than 3 hours every day of the week!

MBCs target market is Working Adults 20-54 years of age and youth aged 10-20* MBC ranks #1 with Aboriginal listeners 20-65+ among all stations serving Northern Saskatchewan and #1 with all Young Aboriginals 10-20+.

MBC also ranks #1 with working adults with children* MBC has the largest portion of income earners and female listeners in the north and a massive (99.34%) of the audience rate MBC programs as good to excellent!

MBCs listening audiences are multilingual* 64% speak Cree and English and 22% speak Dene and English and 98% of all listeners speak English.

MBC has its largest listening audiences spread around the clock* From the immense popularity of its 6-10 am Morning Mess show (41.44% of adult listeners) to the dedicated and large number (43.82%) of Cree listeners for the Missinipi Achimowin program and the overwhelming number of young adults and youth (73.76%) who tune in the Request by Night 8-11pm.

MBCs listening audiences listen for Music, News and Community Events as a priority* MBC responds to its listeners desires by focusing on providing the best top country and rock music and providing unsurpassed professional news and community events coverage (Often in three languages).