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Kevin Fontaine

Kevin Fontaine
Dene Language Host/

Kevin has been MBC Radio's Dene Announcer since March 10, 2008. You can listen to Kevin in the Dene language between 2pm and 4pm each weekday. Kevin delivers the news, weather, interviews and special interest segments to the over 7000 Dene speaking people of Saskatchewan...  He lives in La Ronge, SK with his spouse and 3 adorable kids.

"I enjoy my career with MBC and the staff I work with.  I really like speaking my language on the radio to promote and sustain our Dene culture and roots for future generations.  I also enjoy learning everyday from Dene Elders and the people I talk to.  Thank you to all that have guided me to this point in my radio career.  Merci Cho (Thank you!)"