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Deschambeault Lake RCMP say death of missing woman ‘suspicious’ PDF Print E-mail
Written by mbcnews   
Monday, 27 March 2017 16:10

Missing persons photo of Melinda Gladys Charles.

The discovery of a missing woman’s body has turned a Deschambeault Lake and Stanley Mission area missing persons file has become a major crimes investigation.

Melinda Gladys Charles, 47, was reported missing on Thursday night, and the RCMP is now confirming reports she had been found deceased.

Charles’ death is being considered suspicious, and Mounties in the area are getting help from the RCMP Major Crimes Unit as they investigate further.

There are no further details available at this time, but MBC has contacted the RCMP for more information.

Last Updated on Monday, 27 March 2017 16:18
From chief to council, Saulteaux membership votes in Moccasins PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chelsea Laskowski   
Monday, 27 March 2017 14:50

Chief Kenny Moccasin. Photo courtesy Facebook.

Election results rolling in from Saulteaux First Nation’s Saturday election reveal an interesting similarity between all new chief and council members: they all have the same last name.

According to the election results, the Battleford-area reserve is staying the course with Chief Kenny Moccasin, in what Chief Electoral Officer Donna Ahenakew considers a “landslide” over his opponents Dexter Gopher and Robert Camplin.

Dolphus Moccasin was the only councillor re-elected. Joining him on council are Leo Jr., Ricky, Brian, and Grant Moccasin.

Velma Night made an unsuccessful councillor reaction bid.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 March 2017 08:58
Anxious aunt wants closure for her niece PDF Print E-mail
Written by Manfred Joehnck   
Monday, 27 March 2017 11:26

Delores Stevenson, Nadine Machiskinic's aunt. Photo courtesy of Manfred Joehnck.

There’s finally some answers for a Regina woman who wants to know how her 29-year-old niece got into a small laundry chute at a downtown Regina hotel and fell 10 floors to her death.

29-year-old Nadine Nachiskinic died on January 10, 2015. Her aunt, Delores Stevenson, was the major push behind a demand to hold an inquest. That process began Monday morning and will last all week. Stevenson says it will be a difficult week.

"Yes, it is not easy, I am kind of worried about what I am going to hear. I’m worried about how I am going to process everything," she said.

The cause of death has been ruled accidental, but Stevenson still questions how her niece could have got into the laundry chute on her own. Its dimensions are about 2 feet by 21 inches.

"I’m just wondering how anyone could fit in the small little laundry chute? I mean, whether it’s head feet or first feet, how they get into that little small space?" she said.

A police officer that investigated the scene was the first to take the stand. He produced dozens of photos of the laundry room, the chute where she fell and the basement were her body ended up.

Nine witnesses will testify over the course of the next four days.

The jury is made up of three Aboriginal people and three non-Aboriginal people. The judge used separate jury pools to make sure he would get an even balance.

The job of the inquest is to determine who died, how they died and what, if anything could be done to prevent a similar death. The findings are not binding.


Last Updated on Monday, 27 March 2017 14:11
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