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A little good news on oil spill cleanup in Saskatchewan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Manfred Joehnck   
Thursday, 28 July 2016 13:47

Wapiti Valley, Saskatchewan. Photo courtesy of Enns Kivin, Facebook

There is a little good news on the oil cleanup front in Saskatchewan today.

Water from an old reservoir that is now being sourced as drinking water has been declared safe, which ended a drinking water advisory in Melfort.

In North Battleford, arrangements are being made to hook into the Battleford’s water treatment plant to keep the water flowing.

Meanwhile, in Prince Albert, two makeshift pipelines sourcing water from the South Saskatchewan River and the nearby Spruce River are almost complete.

The reservoir on the Muskoday First Nation is now full. Duane McKay, the province’s commissioner of emergency management says water is being trucked in.

"As long as tanker operations can continue, and be supported -- as I mentioned, from One Arrow (First Nation), Hoey and Wakaw -- they should be in pretty good shape,” he said.

Husky has also resubmitted its incident report to the government. In this report, the company says the 250-thousand litre spill was spotted on the North Saskatchewan River on Thursday, July 21st at 10:00 am. The company’s first report said the spill was detected the previous night at about 8:00 pm -- 14 hours earlier.

Laurie Pushor, the province’s deputy minister of the economy says timelines will be part of a broader investigation.

Meantime, there are unconfirmed reports today that parts of the spill have now reached Codette Lake near Nipawin.


Last Updated on Thursday, 28 July 2016 14:54
Oil spill damage update PDF Print E-mail
Written by Manfred Joehnck   
Thursday, 28 July 2016 12:37


Photo of North Saskatchewan River near Prince Albert courtesy of Mervin Brass of Treaty 4 News.

The oil slick making its way down the North Saskatchewan River is starting to thin out, but it is leaving a lot of damage in its wake.

This morning, government officials provided an update, but no one can say how long the damage will last, or when the water will be safe to drink.

The spill of more than 200,000 litres of heavy oil has now travelled 500 kilometres downstream, and there are unconfirmed reports of an oil sheen being spotted at Codette Lake near Nipawin.

But there is some good news today as well, North Battleford will be tapping into the Battleford’s water supply to supplement its system.

Prince Albert is in the process of completing two temporary water pipelines, which includes a 30 kilometre line to the South Saskatchewan River.

Meanwhile, the boil water advisory in Melfort has ended after tests confirmed water being taken from an old reservoir is safe.

On the Muskoday First Nation, neighboring communities and First Nations are helping supply water. Additionally, Husky is bringing in water by truck from Wakaw.

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 July 2016 12:42
Member of Montreal Lake Cree Nation honoured by RCMP PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joel Willick   
Thursday, 28 July 2016 11:32


A member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation was honoured by the RCMP earlier this week.

Jarod Nelson received a commendation from Saskatchewan RCMP's commanding officer at the Woodland Cree Gathering in Montreal Lake on Monday.

According to the RCMP, Jarod received the commendation after he helped assist the RCMP in a successful search and rescue near the community in March.

"Jarod tracked the fellow for approximately nine kilometres at night in around three feet of snow," said Saskatchewan's RCMP Awards Manager, Richard Dolinski. "We felt that if it wasn't for the tenacity of Jarod the individual would have perished out there in the bush."

With the transient nature of several RCMP officer postings, Dolinski says having community members willing to help out is very beneficial.

"The RCMP truly appreciate the partnerships within the communities and in this case it truly turned out to be a lifesaving endeavor."

Jarod is the first civilian to receive this award in Saskatchewan in several years.


Last Updated on Thursday, 28 July 2016 11:42
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